Privacy Policy: How do We Guarantee Safety to Our Customer’s Information?

This is not a site where you can play casino games for real money. We are just offering your details of the best casino sites on the World Wide Web. We do not have any link or association with the listed sites on our website. Your privacy is our primmest concern. Once you click on the link to any of the online gambling sites listed, you will now be adhering to the terms and conditions of the chosen casino.  

It is important to go through the privacy policy of the chosen site before you the key in your personal information. The details you provide must be used for promotions only. There is no way that we fully stand by everything that is offered on this website. Not all the information shared on the site is 100% accurate. We have every right to change or amend the information on the website. The promotions and the offers made on the site would be having certain jurisdiction limitations. It is very important for the user to verify the authenticity of the given information by cross-checking it with the respective sites.   

We make all efforts to safeguard the personal information that you share. Our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the website clearly spell out on how we protect our customer’s sensitive information. We make use of the information collected from cookies and the sensitive data for sending you marketing and promotional emails on the things that we feel is important to you. But, we will not compromise on any of the personal data that you have provided us and ensure its full protection.

We have stringent actions in place if there is any breach in safeguarding your personal information. If you still have any doubts about the safety and security of your personal details, then you can very well get in touch with us.